» Setup VPN Connection

Once you have imported a certificate file you can then setup a VPN connection to use that certificate. You will need to be logged in with Administrator privileges on the Local machine.

  1. 1. Click on Start, then Settings and then Network Connections.
  2. 2. Under Network Tasks click on Create a new connection.
  3. 3. Click on Next >.
  4. 4. Select Connect to the network at my workplace and click on Next >.
  5. 5. Select Virtual Private Network connection, then click on Next >.
  6. 6. Type a description for the VPN you are connecting to then click on Next >.
  7. 7. Type in the host name or IP address of your VPN Server you want to connect to. Click on Next >.
  8. 8. Select Anyone's use and then click on Next >.
  9. 9. Click on Finish.
The setup of your VPN connection is now complete.

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